COVID-19 PCR Testing

COVID PCR testing is a diagnostic test via a deep nasal swab. This test is most accurate in detecting coronavirus infection and typically takes 1-2 days to get results. Timing may vary with lab volume and day of the week.

Walk-Ins are available. If you are curious about availability call: Everest Urgent Care in Upper Darby at (610) 352-8000 or Chester at (484) 480-4700.

COVID-19 PCR Testing FAQs

Currently, you do not need an appointment for COVID PCR testing and to be seen for any COVID related symptoms or ailments. However, if you would like to call for an appointment at the location that is most convenient you can contact Upper Darby at (610) 352-8000 or Chester at (484) 480-4700.
We accept most medical insurance plans. Please see our full insurance list HERE.
*Most insurance policies provide “out-of-network” benefits, particularly for Covid-19 illness, and Covid-19 Testing at our Urgent Care locations.
Covid-19 PCR testing is typically covered by insurance under the CARES Act. Many insurance companies waive associated copays. After reviewing your information, our staff will be able to verify your insurance coverage and whether there are any associated costs.
If you do not have insurance, there are government programs that offer funding to cover costs.
PCR test results are available in 1-2 days, excluding holidays.

If you are told you have a positive viral test, most likely you currently have an active COVID-19 infection, and you can give the virus to others. Follow instructions from your provider about isolation and when you can leave home.

If you are told you have a negative viral test, most likely you do NOT currently have an active COVID-19 infection. However, there is a small possibility the result is a false negative. Continue taking steps to protect yourself and prevent spread of the virus.

When the results return in our system, we will call your cell phone.