Convenient Urgent Care Centers in Chester and Upper Darby, PA

Dealing with an injury or illness is a hassle–finding prompt and professional treatment you need shouldn’t be. That is why we merge advanced technologies with a compassionate patient experience to provide better and more personalized health care. At Everest Urgent Care, you will receive walk-in medical treatment from friendly and experienced medical providers 7 days a week including most holidays. With online reservations, iPad check-ins and brief wait times, we make it simple to receive professional medical care fast.

Open Extended Hours 7 Days a Week


Illness & Injury

Urgent Care for Illness

We offer a full spectrum of routine medical care.


Urgent Care for Labwork
Our on-site laboratory offers rapid results for common illnesses and infections.



Urgent Care for X-Rays
On-site X-Ray is available to quickly diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses.



Urgent Care for Physicals
Routine physical exams are vital to managing and maintaining your health.


Other Services

Our services are designed around your lifestyle.


Protect Yourself from Covid-19 as You Return to Work

How can you protect yourself from Covid-19 as you return to work? Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes COVID-19, is highly infectious and can spread from person to person, including through aerosol transmission of particles produced when an infected person exhales, talks, sneezes or coughs. Particles containing the virus can ...

Simple Blood Pressure Checks Could Save Your Life

We’re celebrating Men’s Health in June and helping to raise awareness among men in our area about ailments that commonly affect them. One of those ailments is High Blood Pressure. High blood pressure is something that is often talked about, but all too often addressed when it is too late. If left untreated, high blood ...

The Difference Between the Flu, a Common Cold or Coronavirus

Is it the Common Cold or Coronavirus? When you sneeze, cough or get a headache do you wonder if you have COVID-19? Or maybe you think you are coming down with the flu? Sneezing and coughing could simply be caused by a common cold or seasonal allergy. It is important that you understand each of ...

Handwashing 101 – Now Is NOT the Time to Let Up On Your Technique

As we start to lighten up on our sheltering-in restrictions, now is not the time to lighten up on our health and hygiene practices. All the things that keep us healthy and happy will continue to do so in the coming months and for years to come. That is why now it is more important ...

Please call us at 610-563-2987 if you are experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath or other flu-like symptoms so we can schedule a telehealth appointment to triage your condition.