Occupational Health

Workplace Injuries

When treating work-related injuries, our medical team is sensitive to your needs and your employer’s needs. We feel communication with employers is key to ensuring that an injured worker is properly cared for and can return to productive work. Our facilities are equipped to treat a wide range of medical and surgical emergencies.

We’re staffed with experienced medical providers who are specially-trained to provide immediate care for on-the job injuries and accidents. Our team is dedicated to helping you recover promptly and safely with minimal interruption to your work life and your fellow team members.

How we help an injured employee:


  • Medical providers specially-trained for on-the-job injuries and accidents


  • Multiple locations
  • Open every day with extended hours
  • On-site X-ray and lab testing

Continued care coordination

  • On site referral coordinators for Workers’ Compensation
  • Care is coordinated from first appointment


  • Physical therapy programs focused on return-to-work programs that focus on injury prevention

Workers’ Compensation Services

Our innovative services deliver efficiencies, improve communication and achieve high levels of satisfaction. Communication is key when it comes to workers’ compensation services.

The Everest Workers’ Comp Program and goals for team members include:

  • A simple referral process – All work-related injuries are phone verified by our staff for the company’s protection
  • No appointments necessary for first visit
  • On-site X-ray and lab testing
  • Client Service Representative available to provide up-to-date information to employers
  • Workers’ Compensation Referral Coordinators available to schedule diagnostic testing, specialist care and physical therapy
  • State-of-the-art EMR for comprehensive, real-time information
  • Written reports on each patient’s work status are always available to the employer after the employee’s visit is complete
  • Physical therapy principles – safely return the injured worker back to the workplace as quickly and safely as possible
  • Address work-related tasks and overall de-conditioning so the employee is confident returning to work duties