Urgent Care in Springfield, PA

If you’ve suffered an injury in the workplace or elsewhere, if you’re struggling with an unexpected non-life-threatening illness, or if you’re in need of an immunization or medical testing, Everest Urgent Care in Upper Darby is here for you. We are conveniently located to be your easy choice for urgent care in Springfield, PA.

If you are a Springfield resident with a medical need, visit our nearby location on Market Street in Upper Darby. Our compassionate and friendly staff works to provide you with whatever you need, and we help you to get back to your day as quickly as possible. Our facility is open seven days a week; we’re also open for most holidays, with extended hours to make scheduling an appointment easier for you.

High Quality Urgent Care For Springfield PA Residents

At Everest Urgent Care, we do whatever we can to provide the best possible medical care, and to help you as quickly as possible. Our facility is designed to offer the comfort and ambience of a private medical practice, with compassionate and friendly staff on hand to help. Our professionals take the time to educate our patients and answer all of their questions. In addition to convenient hours, we help you get checked in quickly, and we can also help you with any injury claims if needed.

Our urgent care services include treatment for sickness and injury, vaccines and immunizations including COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, physical examinations and testing, workplace health treatments, and much more. Everest accepts all of the major insurances including Medicare, Aetna and others, and we help uninsured patients to keep their costs as low as possible.

Don’t let an unexpected illness or injury completely take over your day. Our medical professionals and staff can help provide you with the care you need as quickly as possible. Contact us here or visit our Upper Darby facility, and let us be your solution for urgent care in Springfield, PA. We’ll help take care of your medical needs and get back to your day.